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Dotfy is a brand that appears in all of these four portals.



web and app-based services

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School Management System

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Portfolio management

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Questions & Answers Social Network platform

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What precisely are we?

Dotfy provides a variety of web and app-based services. web design and development, ecommerce solutions, mobile app development, branding, SEO, social media marketing, School Management System, Digital portfolio management, career counseling, Questions & Answers Social Network platform, and many more.

As a result, we always provide quality and highly skilled professionals on the majority of popular platforms.

Come to know about dotfy.me

  • Dotfy is the first paperless digital portfolio management platform in India that is created specifically to enhance the growth of new skills and accelerate career advancement.
  • Dotfy has a team of experienced career counsellors and Experts who answers the questions asked on Dotfy's Q&A doubt portal.
  • Candidates joining with Dotfy have chance to interact with top listed companies with which we are associated.
  • Millions of candidates have signed up with Dotfy, and we constantly hear from them about how the dotfy's platform has helped them improve their modern skills.

Our Vision and Mission

Dotfy Is committed to walk with the government hand in hand and aims to provide their services through a digital medium, as it reduces the usage of paper as well as It also helps in cutting down carbon footprint.

In order to achieve the Digital India mission, people need to be aware of the usage and benefits of digital profiling. Hence, we are committed to focus on providing digital profile to each and every citizen of the nation. It is estimated that the mission of digital profiling will cover over twenty seven crore households. It is very paramount for everyone to understand the importance of the usage of digital platforms for the betterment of society and the nation. We in Dotfy are committed to provide world's one of the most safest viaduct between social and professional platforms, our team will not sit aside till we succeed in our mission,one India,Digital India.